Cruise Excursions – Bahamas

Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas

This place was the highlight of the trip. It was actually one of the main reasons I wanted to return to the Norwegian Cruise. I LOVE Great Stirrup Cay! If you don’t already know, it is a private island owned by the Norwegian Cruise Line. This means that almost everything is included as if you were on the ship. (Lunch and Drinks if AYCD cruising!)  Since I was traveling with 2 other couples, we opted for the Small Cabana on the Cay. Although the Large Cabana seemed to be a better deal, I liked the Small Cabana location much better.  It has easier access to the beach, and seems to be a bit more private. We were assigned to Cabana #15. If given the option, Cabana #11 has the best location. The Cabana includes a $50.00 food credit towards speciality food. This MUST be ordered the day before, the menu will be in your room.  Do not forget to do this! In addition, there is a fruit platter and chips and salsa already included.  It also comes with  4 floating mats and bottles of water. We throughly enjoyed being away from the crowds at the main beach.

We all opted to do an additional excursion – Stand Up Paddle Boarding! It was a really great time. Do remember to leave your sunglasses on the beach, one of my friends lost his sunglasses when he fell off the paddle board!

The Tender Boats.. this was probably the worst part about Great Stirrup Cay. Since it is a very small island, the cruise ship cannot dock right at the island. Therefore you must take a Tender boat from the main boat to the island itself.  Wear sea bands if doing so! It did make me a little queasy from all of the rocking.

Nassau, Bahamas

I didn’t read great things about Nassau. Other than Atlantis, I really couldn’t find much that we were interested in doing. However, I found a resort called “Melia.” It is about 15-20 mins from the port.  A taxi for 4 people was $20.00 total  We had the same driver come back to pick us up at a specific time.  It seemed safe. The days passes were $45.00 per person, we paid at the front desk. We decided to purchase day passes to enjoy the beach and the pool. We were happy we did! Melia is a beautiful resort located on Cable Beach. We spent they day relaxing and taking beach photos.  This resort was NOT all inclusive. Knowing this, we had a pretty big breakfast before leaving the ship.

and YES Starbucks friends! This resort has a Starbucks on site! WE got a free drink with the cost of our day pass! I was so excited!

There is a beach walking distance from the port, called Junakoo Beach. It is VERY crowded. WE walked through it, but were certainly glad we checked out Melia instead.

We tried out Conch fritters right before getting back on the ship.  There are little food stands right before you get back on the boat. They were just, okay. Nothing to rave about, but definitely worth trying out. 


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